Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc. services Yardley PA residents for all types of water damage in their basement or any other areas in their homes.

Elite Water Damage and Restoration inc. remove the water and repair the damage areas to pre water damage state.

Most water damage start that we deal with are, what we call a category 1 water damage. This type of water damage usually occur when the water come from a clean and sanitary source like a running faucet or a toilet tank overflow.

However, keep in mind that a category 1 water damage can quickly deteriorate into a more troublesome situation if not dealt with properly or relatively quick.

The more serious situation is a category 2 water damage. In that instance, the source of water is usually from an household appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine. But it can also be from a toilet tank that contained urine (not feces). Also a category 1 water damage can be classified as category 2 of the water has been stagnant for too long.

Then the worst type water damage is called a category 3 water damage. In those situations, the water is so unsanitary that if ingested, it can cause serious illness and even death.

This type of water is called black water.

The source of category 3 water damage are usually from sewer backups, or even overflows from nearby rivers and streams.

Elite water damage and restoration handles all three categories of water damage and we can give you a free and no obligation estimate for any situation.